Services: Printing


Years ago, clients using our design services started requesting competitive printing quotes for their newly designed business cards, letterhead and envelopes, postcards, brochures, posters, etc. In searching we found, many print shops offer discounts on niche items as a way to gain your business, but have higher prices on most other items. Print shops tend to make the most money using the equipment they have in-house. So, the task at hand was to find out what items each print shop specialized in versus those they outsourced.


Empty Tomb Graphics (ETG) goal has been and still remains to find the best deals from print shops across America. We now offer print\ing through a multitude of trade-only printing companies taking advantage of those niche printing services. Plus, our low overhead allows us to pass these savings on to our customers and include FREE SHIPPING with every order. We work with print shops in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas and California offering everything from business cards to brochures and envelopes to labels.